Openwind Enterprise

Openwind® Enterprise

Openwind® Enterprise is a wind project design and optimization software application created to provide professional wind developers with a highly configurable toolbox of capabilities that extend beyond energy capture. Using industry-leading geographical information systems (GIS) interface, users can optimize for cost of energy, assess deep array impacts, define and analyze strategies for managed shut-down of turbines, and manage uncertainty.

Key features include:

  • Cost of Energy Optimization
  • Deep Array Wake Model
  • Directional Curtailment, Inflow Angle, Turbulence
  • Effective Turbulence Intensity (IEC61400-1 Ed3 Annex)
  • Mass-conservation Wind Flow Model (Wind Map)
  • Shadow Flicker Module
  • Noise Model
  • Time Series Energy Capture (8760s, 12X24)
  • Turbine Scheduling (Noise, Bat, Shadow-Flicker, Curtailments)
  • Uncertainty Module
  • Zone of Visual Impact Model

Openwind® Basic

Openwind® Basic is designed to be a cost-effective solution that provides wind project developers and individual customers with some of the superior functionality found in the Enterprise edition.

Key features include:

  • Shadow Flicker Module: Quickly calculate shadow flicker minutes based on turbine orientation and wind speed distribution.
  • Multi-Threaded Wind Mapping: Run more simulations in less time.
  • Enhanced User Interface: Advanced GIS-style functionality and logic with the ability to manipulate vector objects.

More Information and Pricing

If you would like to receive a demonstration or pricing details on Openwind Enterprise or Basic software contact sales.

Openwind® Software Features

The following table is an overview of the available features in the Openwind® Basic and Openwind® Enterprise software.

Description of Feature Basic Enterprise
Authentication of Reports X
Cost of Energy Optimization X
Cross-platform (Runs on Windows/Linux/Unix, 32bit and 64 bit) X X
Deep Array Wake Model (DAWM) X
Directional Curtailment, Inflow Angle, Turbulence X
Effective Turbulence Intensity (IEC61400-1 Ed3 Annex D) X
GPS Integration X X
Gridded Turbine Layouts X
ISO 9613 Noise Model X X
Layer Logic and Layer Validity (with buffer setting) X X
Layout Optimization X X
Mass-conservation Wind Flow Model (WindMap) X X
Non-Ideal Performance Losses X
Optimization Respecting Noise X X
Pervasive Multi-Threading X X
Shadow Flicker X X
Siting and Optimization for Large Constrained Sites X
Standard Wake Models (Park, Modified Park, Eddy Viscosity) X X
Time-Series Energy Capture (8760s, 12x24s) X
Turbine Scheduling (Noise, Bat, Shadow-Flicker Curtailments) X
Uncertainty Module X
Validated Energy Capture X X
Zones of Visual Impact Model X X