Empowering Success Throughout Your Project Lifecycle

Renewable energy professionals providing technical consulting, software, data, and advisory services for the wind and solar energy markets. 

We understand wind energy like nobody else.

As seasoned experts, we provide the most accurate and reliable renewable energy project development and operations solutions for developers, investors, utilities, system operators, and governments.

Predictable solar is reliable solar.

Accuracy and quality in resource and energy estimates made us number one. Leading the industry from the earliest prospecting to energy estimates, plant operations and energy forecasting.

We guide offshore wind development through uncharted waters.

We are experts in the multi-disciplinary aspects of offshore wind energy. Understanding the marine and met-ocean environment is our specialty.

UL Acquires AWS Truepower 

Now that we have joined UL, AWS Truepower is able to offer a more diversified portfolio of renewable energy services and an increased global footprint. Despite expanding our scope and reach, we remain accessible and responsive to the needs of our clients. Learn more about UL’s acquisition of AWS Truepower here.



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    Seven Considerations When Deciding to Repower (Or Repair)

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  • About AWS Truepower

    AWS Truepower, a UL company, acquired in 2016, is a global renewable energy firm providing quality, innovative energy engineering and advisory services to project developers and operators, investors, utilities, government agencies, and manufacturers. 

    Together with UL, AWS Truepower offers a diversified portfolio of renewable energy services and an increased global footprint, making us a powerhouse in renewable energy.

    Learn more.