UL Acquires AWS Truepower 

Customer service and technical quality will remain our top priorities. Newly integrated capabilities will provide AWST clients with more value. Read More


Empowering Success Throughout Your Project Lifecycle

Renewable energy professionals providing technical consulting, software, data, and advisory services for the wind and solar energy markets. 

We understand wind energy like nobody else.

As seasoned experts, we provide the most accurate and reliable renewable energy project development and operations solutions for developers, investors, utilities, system operators, and governments.

Predictable solar is reliable solar.

Accuracy and quality in resource and energy estimates made us number one. Leading the industry from the earliest prospecting to energy estimates, plant operations and energy forecasting.

We guide offshore wind development through uncharted waters.

We are experts in the multi-disciplinary aspects of offshore wind energy. Understanding the marine and met-ocean environment is our specialty.

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    PTC Safe Harbor Clause: What you do now will benefit you later

    Jeremy Tchou 150 x 150 BWRecently, I’ve been asked more and more about planning and strategy for PTC qualification under the 5% spending safe harbor clause. Due to the PTC “sunset” for wind farms… Read more

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    AWS Truepower has been a long-time leader and innovator in renewable energy consulting. AWS Truepower provides the most accurate, reliable, and innovative renewable energy project development and operations solutions available today.

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