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Bruce Bailey, CCM, PhD

Bruce Bailey, CCM, PhD

VP Renewable Energy, UL

(founder and former CEO of AWS Truepower)

Bruce Bailey is the founder and former of CEO of AWS Truepower.  With the acquisition of AWS Truepower by UL, Bruce is now the VP of Renewable Energy for UL, overseeing four renewable energy focused divisions of UL, including AWS Truepower.  Bruce has worked in the renewable energy and environmental fields for over 30 years and is one of the leading authorities on wind and solar energy applications.

Bruce founded AWS Truepower in 1983 and was responsible for growing the company from a small consultancy to a world class provider of renewable energy consulting and data services, with offices in four continents. In addition to his previous role as CEO, Bruce formerly served as company President, and was a project director for hundreds of contracts in the areas of renewable energy technology applications, resource assessment, meteorology, offshore development, and air quality on behalf of utility, government, and industrial clients. Under Bruce’s leadership the company was awarded for its contributions to the growth of renewable energy by the Alliance for Clean Energy New York and the US Department of Commerce.

Bruce has been instrumental in shaping the renewable energy industry. He has served on several industry boards and has been heavily engaged in both state and national collaborative activities to address the technical and market barriers to renewable energy development. Bruce is widely published and frequently gives presentations at domestic and international conferences. He has acted as Program Chair for numerous industry conferences, was a US Department of Energy Wind Program Reviewer for several years, and has been a thesis mentor and guest instructor for several universities.