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Joan Aymami

Joan Aymamí

Global Business Development Manager for Project Services

Joan Aymamí has been involved in the renewable energy industry for over ten years. As Vice President, Europe and Latin America he oversees AWS Truepower’s European and Latin American operations and is responsible for a company-wide business development coordination, strategy and market intelligence. Early in his career Joan worked for the meteorology group at the University of Barcelona on different national and international research projects that focused on the use of Mesoscale Numerical Weather Prediction models. In 2003, Joan founded Meteosim SL, a Barcelona University spin-off company that specialized in the development of customized applications and solutions for the renewable industry. In 2007 he founded Meteosim Truewind SL, which later merged with AWS Truepower in 2011. For eight years Joan served as the CEO of Meteosim Truewind and was responsible for managing the company operations, leading business development activities in Europe and Latin America, and building relationships across partners, developers, agencies and other renewable industry members.