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John Zack

John Zack, PhD

Global Director, Grid Solutions

John Zack has been involved with the development and application of physics-based numerical atmospheric modeling systems since the early 1980s. He has considerable experience in the use of advanced statistical models, such as Artificial Neural Networks, to atmospheric prediction applications. He is an expert in both synoptic and dynamic meteorology and is very accomplished in analyzing model generated data and applying meteorological knowledge to understand and improve atmospheric modeling techniques. John is a leading authority in the application of atmospheric modeling techniques for the purpose of producing resource maps and forecasts for the renewable energy industry. He has been the principal investigator of several multi-year research projects funded by a diverse mix of federal agencies including the Department of Defense, NASA, the Department of Agriculture and Department of Commerce – NOAA. He has published numerous papers and peer reviewed journal articles and has several years of experience teaching meteorology at both the graduate and undergraduate level. As Vice President, Grid Solutions at AWS Truepower, John has a key role in forecasting product development.