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Santi Pares

Santi Parés

Business Development Director for Europe and Latin America

Santi Parés has over twenty-five years of experience in the fields of meteorology and renewable energy. As Business Development Director for Europe and Latin America, Santi is responsible for expanding AWS Truepower into new regions and identifying new opportunities in renewable energy markets. Santi oversees the business development group in AWS Truepower’s Barcelona, Spain office and he manages relationships with key clients in European and Latin American markets.

Early in his career Santi was a weather man for Spanish public television and later he became a founder and commercial director of Meteosim SL, a meteorological consultancy start-up out of the University of Barcelona. In this role he conducted market analysis and designed numerical weather prediction products, which was the company’s core technology. Later he became Business Development Director of Meteosim Truewind (a joint venture of AWS Truepower and Meteosim SL) where he led all international business activities in Europe and Latin America and expanded renewable energy consulting services to Europe and Spanish speaking markets.