About Us

Why AWS Truepower

Celebrating three decades of service in the industry, AWS Truepower continues to be a leader and innovator in renewable energy consulting. Our skilled team of meteorologists, engineers, and environmental specialists are field-oriented and fully conversant with utility-scale renewable projects at all lifecycle stages. Our core leadership team, consisting of the founding principals, directors and senior staff, drives the company to continuously examine processes and establish best practices in project development, energy assessments, due diligence, independent engineering, energy forecasting and grid integration.

We know that the long-term success of renewable energy depends on the availability of independent and unbiased expert advice. As one of the world’s leading providers of renewable energy solutions to developers, investors, utilities, and governments, we use the best science and technology to advise our clients with the most accurate information possible.

Our clients choose to work with us for an array of reasons:

Leadership: We are industry leaders, not followers. Our staff strives to be at the forefront of interdisciplinary knowledge and experience, and to be the authoritative voice in our fields of expertise.

Innovation: The status quo is unacceptable and forward thinking gives us competitive advantage. We pioneer solutions that resolve technical barriers and help clients achieve success.

Integrity: We are committed to strong, long term relationships with our clients based on mutual respect, honesty, transparency, and clear communications. We are committed to delivering the industry’s most trusted results – independent and uncompromised.

Quality: We consistently deliver the best processes, solutions and services. We are proud of our reputation, built over many years, which results from our pursuit of excellence.

Relationship: We are committed to strong long-term relationships with clients, partners, suppliers, and employees. We are dedicated to expectations of superior service, flexibility and mutual benefits.