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Wind Energy Production Estimates: Moving Beyond Time Averages

November 17, 2016 federer-nadal-featured-image-275px

No need to be a statistician to see that averages are often useful to compare different things. And yet, they often fall short as a true measure of performance...But averages can also hide important information. For example, Roger Federer had a better average record than Rafael Nadal at the peak of their professional tennis careers. And yet, Nadal almost always beat Federer on clay, and won the majority of their matches overall. So, which player was “better”?


PTC Safe Harbor Clause: What you do now will benefit you later

August 29, 2016 Safe Harbor - Turbine Storage - Suzlon - 275px

Recently, I have been asked more and more about planning and strategy for Production Tax Credit (“PTC”) qualification under the 5% spending safe harbor clause. Due to the PTC “sunset” for wind farms over the next few years, it has become increasingly important for developers to qualify for the PTC before the end of 2016.


Comments on the First Renewable Auction in Argentina

September 8, 2016 argentina-auction-glacier

Last Monday, September 5th was the deadline for renewable energy developers and independent power producers to present their technical and financial offers to the first Argentinean renewable auction. The first auction process, under the name “RenovaAr-1” tendered 1000MW of renewable capacity including 600MW of wind and 300MW of utility scale solar PV. The participation was a success with a PV+Wind combined capacity demand of 6,3GW, or 10 times the capacity offered in the first tender including 49 wind projects and 58 PV plants.


AWS Truepower Meteorologist, Storm Chaser: An Unexpected Chase Day

July 15, 2016 Gwiazda-Chapman-Tornada 275px

AWS Truepower employs many meteorologists, so its no surprise that some of them have more than a passing fascination with extreme weather. After waiting a long 34 years, Garrett Gwiazda, Sr. Software Engineer, finally headed out west to chase some storms. He had done “storm chasing” across the Northeast, but it’s nothing compared to the dramatic displays of nature found in Tornado Alley. During Garrett's week out west, he posted as much as he could about his chase and what he experienced along the way with fellow Lyndon State Alumni. Here is an account of his storm chasing adventures in Texas and Kansas in May.