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Data and Maps Webinar

Santi Parés and Josh Koppel discuss AWS Truepower's Wind Speed Maps, Time Series Data Sets, Wind Resource Grids (WRG) and Site Reports, along with the methods and validation process we use to provide our clients with confidence in our data.

AWS Truepower’s data and maps are derived from simulations of historical atmospheric conditions performed by a numerical weather prediction (NWP) model. The model output is further downscaled with a microscale model accounting for local terrain and surface influences, and adjusted using available high-quality wind measurements. Our approach has been thoroughly validated and uncertainty statistics are available. Read more about our methods and validation here. Read more »

Wind Trends Bulletin – August 2017

Monthly wind performance maps for August 2017, show deviations in the wind resource from average August conditions in every region of the world. Download

Wind Trends Bulletin – July 2017

Monthly wind performance maps for July 2017, show deviations in the wind resource from average July conditions in every region of the world. Download

UL Renewables Asset Management Qualifications

Growing investments in renewable power plants, aging fleets, and the desire for safe operations while maximizing asset value all drive companies to UL's asset management services. We help you evaluate and optimize your projects' operations and maintaince, contracts, health and safety and remaining useful life. Our goal is to help you maximize energy production, reduce downtime and O&M costs, help ensure project safety, and support key decisions around asset life and repowering. Download

UL Renewables Solar Energy Services

UL now delivers an even more extensive portfolio of services through the acquisition of AWS Truepower (2016). Together we will remain accessible, flexible and keenly responsive to the needs of our clients as we verify the safety, performance and compliance of solar technology and provide sound technical advice. As a result, we help clients build and operate projects that reduce humanity's global carbon footprint and generate healthy financial returns. Download

How IEC-61400-12-1-Ed2 Standard on Power Curve Testing will Impact You

In this webinar, join Dan Bernadett, Global Service Line Leader for Power Performance Testing, and Harald Mellinghoff, Global Subject Matter Expert for Power Performance Testing, as they provide a vision of power performance testing of wind turbines under the new IEC guidelines.  View Webinar

Wind Trends Bulletin – Q2 2017

In the second quarter of 2017, winds were above-normal relative to the long-term, second quarter norm (1988-2014) across wind producing areas of South America. Winds were near-normal or below-normal across many key areas of all other regions. Download

Wind Trends Bulletin – June 2017

Monthly wind performance maps for June 2017, show deviations in the wind resource from average June conditions in every region of the world. Download

UL Renewable Energy Services Overview

UL now delivers an extensive portfolio of renewable energy services, following the acquisition of AWS Truepower (2016) and DEWI (2012). We support wind and solar projects, battery and energy storage systems, and e-mobility, and our services encompass testing, inspection, certification, verification, auditing, training, and expert advice from project inception to decommissioning. Our goal is to empower trust throughout the project lifecycle and across the supply chain. Download

UL Renewables Wind Project Services Qualifications

Access to the top industry experts and tools is critical for project success. Our staff of engineers, meteorologists, and environmental specialists provide clients with comprehensive consulting services, independent engineering, technical advisory, and data and software solutions that span the entire project lifecycle. Download to learn more about our services in Feasibility, Development, Pre-Construction, Financing, and Operations. Download

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