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The Wind Forecast Improvement Project: Final Results from the Southern Study Area

January 2014

AWS Truepower has released a U.S. Department of Energy sponsored report on improving the performance of short term wind forecasting and how to accurately measure the improvement. This study focused on the Southern Study Area on Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) domain which has the largest number of operating wind farms. Read More

Assessment of Offshore Wind System Design Safety and Operation Standards Report

Assessment of Offshore Wind System Design, Safety, and Operation Standards

January 2014

National Renewable Energy Laboratory and AWS Truepower have released a U.S. Department of Energy-funded report. This report summarizes the U.S. and international regulations, standards, and guidelines that apply to the design, safety, and operation of offshore wind projects. Particular attention is given to the influence of offshore meteorological, ocean, and lake (met-ocean) conditions on the turbine and project designs. The report also discusses the relative applicability and shortcomings of these guidance documents for offshore wind development in U.S. waters, and provides a snapshot of industry and government efforts underway to develop or revise guidelines. Read More

Observing System Simulation Experiments (OSSEs) for the Mid-Columbia Basin

December 05, 2011

In order to test ESA strategies for future instrumentation deployment, a set of OSSEs were performed for a 9-day period for both cool season and warm season periods. The control experiments assimilated synthetic rawinsonde and surface data from the nature runs. The remaining experiments tested various possible deployment scenarios involving 80-m met towers that measure temperature, pressure, dew point temperature, wind speed, and wind direction only at one level, and sodars that measure only wind between about 30 and 200 m above ground level. Read More

New York’s Offshore Wind Energy Development Potential in the Great Lakes: Feasibility Study

September 2010

This report, which was prepared on behalf of the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), assesses the technical and economic feasibility of future offshore wind development in New York’s Great Lake waters. As a response to the heightened interest in Great Lakes offshore wind development, this report’s intent is to provide background information and analysis on a broad range of relevant state-specific issues for the benefit of a variety of potential stakeholders Read More

A Framework for Offshore Wind Energy Development in the United States

September 2005

Offshore wind has emerged as a promising renewable energy resource for a number of reasons: the strongest, most consistent winds are offshore and in relative proximity to major load centers—particularly the energy-constrained northeastern United States; the long-term potential for over-the-horizon siting and undersea transmission lines
counters the aesthetic and land-use concerns associated with on shore wind installations; and wind as a fuel is both cost-free and emission-free. Read More