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Windnavigator – Wind Resource Grids

The Wind Resource Grids (WRG) provided by AWS Truepower through Windnavigator give users the ability to do everything from siting met towers to designing preliminary layouts to obtaining preliminary estimates of the wind energy generated for small to multi-turbine wind projects. These files are not intended for detailed plant design or definitive energy production estimates. View Video

Windnavigator – Time Series Data

Our time series data sets allow you to better understand the wind resource and energy production potential of your site and to conduct measure-correlate-predict (MCP) analyses. Time series come in two types: Historical time series spanning periods from 10 years to over 35 years, depending on the source OR Typical Year Virtual Met Masts (TY-VMM) containing a sample of 365 days scaled to our 200-meter resolution mean wind maps.

All are provided in a universal CSV format that can be imported directly into a spreadsheet, Openwind, Windographer, and other plant design and resource assessment software. View Video

Windnavigator – Data and Maps

Regional, high-resolution resource maps and data for site screening and early-stage feasibility studies. Products include mean wind speeds, speed-frequency distributions, directional distributions, and diurnal and seasonal patterns, as well as capacity factor maps for selected turbine models. GIS and CSV formats. View Video

Using Uncertainty Maps to Optimize Wind Plant Design and Manage Risk

Uncertainty maps can be a useful tool in designing wind resource assessment programs and optimizing plant layouts to reduce project risk. If done correctly, they implement quantitatively what we know intuitively: that uncertainty varies in complicated ways depending on terrain, wind conditions, and the wind flow model used. View video

A Performance Comparison of Four Numerical Wind Flow Modeling Systems

Dr. Michael Brower, CTO of AWS Truepower presents the answers to questions about the actual performance of widely used wind flow models, taken from a recent study. Presented at EWEA, Barcelona 2014.

Coupled numerical weather prediction (NWP) and linear wind flow models have been used for over a decade for micro-siting wind turbines and wind resource mapping. They are designed to capture key atmospheric phenomena at relevant scales while keeping computer time manageable. However, only a few, limited studies have assessed whether these modeling systems perform better than the more widely used, stand-alone models such as Jackson-Hunt (WAsP) and RANS CFD, and under what meteorological and topographic conditions. This research study seeks to answer these questions. View Video

Complex Wind - Tehachapi Pass

Managing Wind Resource Risk at Complex Sites: An Integrated Approach

(Original Broadcast Date: February 20, 2014)
How meteorological expertise, state-of-the-art atmospheric models and advanced measurement methods can increase project value and reduce financial risk.​

All wind project investments depend greatly on the uncertainty or risk in a project's wind resource estimates. This is especially true of large wind projects at complex sites with steep terrain, varying thermal stability, mesoscale circulations and other challenging meteorological aspects. Such conditions are often misrepresented or missed in conventional models and measurement techniques.

In this webinar by AWS Truepower, wind resource experts Dr. Michael Brower, Dr. Philippe Beaucage, and Matthew Filippelli will discuss case studies of actual wind projects in complex terrain and wind regimes, showing how an integrated approach combining meteorological expertise, advanced wind flow models, and remote sensing (sodar and lidar) can increase a project's value and reduce risk. View Video

Openwind Demo: Using Multi-height Profiles

This short demo video shows how multi-height profiles up to 200m from sodar, lidar, and tall met towers are used in openWind Enterprise wind project design and optimization software. View Video

Openwind Demo: Shadow Flicker Analysis with Time Series Mitigation

In this short demo of openWind, Nick Robinson of AWS Truepower walks you through the upgraded Shadow Flicker Analysis that is newly enhanced with time series mitigation functionality. openWind is a wind farm design and optimization software. View Video

Openwind Demo: The Effects of Turbulence Intensity on Wind Turbine Performance

This short demo of openWind Enterprise illustrates how the effects of turbulence on wind turbine performance are measured in openWind Enterprise, AWS Truepower's wind farm design and optimization software. View Video

Openwind – Shadow Flicker Module

OpenWind Basic is AWS Truepower's commercial wind farm design and optimization software. The following video explores some of the key features of the Shadow Flicker Module. View video

Openwind Basic – Multi-threaded (fast) Wind Mapping

In this 14 minute video from AWS Truepower, you will see a demo of the Multi-Threaded Wind Mapping feature from our OpenWind software that allows you to run many more wind simulations in less time. View Video

Openwind – GPS Integration

In this short 4 minute video by AWS Truepower, learn how to integrate your GPS with our openWind Basic and openWind Enterprise software. View Video

Openwind – Cost of Energy Optimizer

In this 10-minute video from AWS Truepower, learn how the cost of energy optimizer helps you to examine a variety of build-out scenarios taking into consideration not only resource and energy potential, but also the cost each turbine has on the bottom line. View Video

wind site assessment dasboard

Wind Data Management Dashboard Demo

Wind Data Management Dashboard:

Analyze measured wind speeds and data from your met tower with the Wind Data Management Dashboard. Along with the dashboard, you will get support tailored to you by our Wind Development Services team. View all of the features in this demo. View Video

Wind Site Assessment Dashboard Demo

The Wind Site Assessment Dashboard is a web-based program designed to aid and support developers in the early stages of their projects, before investing in more expensive on-site measurement.

With this online tool you are able to prospect sites, assess development opportunities, and accurately qualify and prioritize wind development sites. There are both free and paid subscription accounts. This demo highlights the expanded features that the subscription dashboard access offers. View Video

Understanding the Financial Impact of Uncertainty in Wind Projects

How risk translates to dollars in wind projects.
(Original Broadcast Date: November 7, 2013)

One of the biggest risks in wind development is the uncertainty of the wind resource. In this webinar by AWS Truepower, we will demystify how this resource uncertainty impacts energy production estimation, investment and financing. Presented by AWS Truepower CEO Bruce Bailey, and Director of Investor Services, Josh Kunkel, the following topics will be discussed:

• The steps Involved in predicting wind plant output
• Sources of losses and uncertainty
• Probabilities of energy exceedence and how to interpret them
• The impact of energy uncertainty on capital structure and debt capacity
• Implications of energy values on future cash flows View Video

Solar Monitoring Systems

This short video by AWS Truepower meteorologists provides a thorough introduction to solar site monitoring: A thorough understanding of a project site’s solar resource is an essential element to prospecting, detailed project engineering and financing. Publicly available data sources are often used for preliminary site assessment, but imperfect data and models, complex cloud or solar climates, and other factors can combine to create significant uncertainties. With an increase in project size from tens to hundreds of megawatts, a much more rigorous approach is needed to accurately determine a site’s potential. View Video

Unlock the Power of Wind Farm Design and Optimization with Openwind®

View this previously recorded webinar to learn more about functionality, current offerings and how this innovative software can empower you to do your job better.

Openwind®, AWS Truepower’s wind farm design and optimization software, will help you tackle your most complex wind power projects. Built with GIS-style functionality and logic, Openwind empowers you to easily define and modify project setbacks so that layout optimization can be completed and modified more efficiently. By bringing transparency to how the software interprets wake models and how they are validated, you can better understand what goes into the model to better understand the results that come out. View Video