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MassCEC Metocean Data Initiative The First Year Offshore

In this webinar, please join the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center and AWS Truepower for a summary of the Metocean Initiative’s first year of offshore monitoring. Tyler Studds of MassCEC along with Matthew Filippelli and Matthew Bullard of AWS Truepower will provide an introduction to the Initiative, and an overview of the project’s measurements, data products and the wind resource where the first commercial-scale offshore wind project will be built... View the webinar

Inspecciones y Operación de Parques Eólicos: Cómo gestionar los activos de Energías Renovables?

En este webinar, Santiago Lopez, Jose Javier Ripa y Regina Ranieri nos detallaran la metodología a utilizar, basada en la experiencia Global de UL, las buenas prácticas para el control de Activos Eólicos.

UL posee acreditación ISO 17.020 para la inspección de AEG en planta y sitio, y es Miembro MEASNET para verificación de curva de potencia.

En este seminario repasaremos la forma de controlar las 4 variables de desempeño de un proyecto: eficiencia, disponibilidad, costes y vida útil, para garantizar la máxima ganancia del emprendimiento... Ver el webinar

Extension de durée de vie: comment calculer la durée de vie restante des parcs éoliens?

L’extension de la durée de vie des actifs éoliens apporte des avantages économiques évidents et se traduit par une réduction significative du LCOE. La sécurité est la clé pour continuer à exploiter ces parcs éoliens ; il est essentiel de connaître l’état réel des éoliennes en exploitation afin de les préserver.

Dans ce webinar, Pauline Levée et Irina Sova détailleront la méthodologie utilisée dans la « guideline » UL 4143, Extension de durée de vie (LTE) des turbines éoliennes. UL 4143 est en cours d’approbation par ANSI, l’institut national de normalisation américain... Voir le Webinar

Data and Maps Webinar

Santi Parés and Josh Koppel discuss AWS Truepower's Wind Speed Maps, Time Series Data Sets, Wind Resource Grids (WRG) and Site Reports, along with the methods and validation process we use to provide our clients with confidence in our data.

AWS Truepower’s data and maps are derived from simulations of historical atmospheric conditions performed by a numerical weather prediction (NWP) model. The model output is further downscaled with a microscale model accounting for local terrain and surface influences, and adjusted using available high-quality wind measurements. Our approach has been thoroughly validated and uncertainty statistics are available. Read more about our methods and validation here. Read more »

How IEC-61400-12-1-Ed2 Standard on Power Curve Testing will Impact You

In this webinar, join Dan Bernadett, Global Service Line Leader for Power Performance Testing, and Harald Mellinghoff, Global Subject Matter Expert for Power Performance Testing, as they provide a vision of power performance testing of wind turbines under the new IEC guidelines.  View Webinar

Extensión de vida: Cómo calcular la vida remanente (RUL) de parques eólicos

Original Broadcast Date: June 14, 2017
En este webinar, Santiago Lopez, Jose Javier Ripa y Ángel Sedano nos detallaran la metodología a utilizar, basada en la guía UL 4143: “Estándar para la Extensión de Vida (LTE) de Turbinas Eólicas”. UL 4143 está en proceso de aprobación por ANSI (Instituto Nacional Estadounidense de Estándares). View Webinar

Wind Developer Suite Product Demonstration: Part 2 in English

The Wind Developer Suite is an all-in-one bundle offering one source for your wind analysis and visualization, data management, resource mapping, and plant design needs. It includes leading software Windnavigator, Windographer, Openwind and 10 custom training hours by experts teaching you how to become more self-reliant.

This is Part 2 of a 2 Part Webinar Series. Join UL AWS Truepower experts, Nick Robinson and Nicole Hahn as they demonstrate Openwind and the training hours included. View Webinar

Impacto de la nueva guía IEC 61400 12 1 Ed2 para curva de potencia

Nuestros expertos explicaran los detalles técnicos, novedades y consecuencias de la implementación de la nueva guía para los ensayos de curva de potencia en aerogeneradores. View Webinar

Wind Developer Suite Product Demonstration: Part 1 in English

The Wind Developer Suite is an all-in-one bundle offering one source for your wind analysis and visualization, data management, resource mapping, and plant design needs. It includes leading software Windnavigator, Windographer, Openwind and 12 custom training hours by experts teaching you how to become more self-reliant.

Join UL AWS Truepower experts, Josh Koppel and Tom Lambert as they demonstrate Windnavigator and Windographer in Part 1 of this 2 part webinar series. View Webinar

Wind Developer Suite Product Demonstration in Spanish

In this webinar, join UL AWS Truepower experts, Santi Parés, Diego Toulet, Oscar Pueyo, and Regina Ranieri as they describe the benefits of the Wind Developer Suite. The Wind Developer Suite is an all-in-one bundle offering one source for your wind analysis and visualization, data management, resource mapping, and plant design needs. It includes leading software Windnavigator, Windographer, Openwind and 12 custom training hours by experts teaching you how to become more self-reliant. This demonstration is conducted in Spanish.

Nos acompañarán en este webinar Regina Ranieri, Business Development Manager de Argentina, y Santi Parés, Business Development Manager de Latinoamérica, además de nuestros expertos, para describirles las ventajas del nuevo Wind Developer Suite. Nuestro equipo les detallará en una presentación el potencial de esta herramienta que incluye: Windnavigator, Windographer, Openwind y 12 horas de formación para aprender a usarlas de acuerdo a sus necesidades. View Video/Ver video.

Portfolio Benefit Analysis: Updated methods to incorporate wind, solar and hydro projects

In this webinar, join Mike Optis, Research Scientist at AWS Truepower, as he describes our approach to renewable energy portfolio benefit analysis. In particular, he will highlight the importance of project diversity in the portfolio, the association between project diversity and reduced portfolio uncertainty, and the methods used to evaluate portfolio benefit. View Webinar

Operational Energy Assessments: Updated methods to better predict long term energy production

In this webinar, join Stephen Lightfoote, Senior Energy Analyst at AWS Truepower, as he shares exclusive insights into our Operational Energy Production Assessment methodology and describes the factors that affect the final energy production estimate. In particular, we will highlight some updates to our methodology and capabilities in recent years which can provide additional value through greater insight, higher volume and lower uncertainty. View Webinar

Power Performance Measurements: Cheaper Faster Better

(Original Broadcast Date: April 21, 2016)

This webinar will provide a vision of power curve testing under the new IEC standard. The use of lidar and other remote sensing technologies is expected to revolutionize power curve testing, eliminating the need for expensive permanent met towers for power curve testing.

Since many turbines have failed to meet expected power performance levels, the new standard offers exciting new options to test turbines at all projects, but at a dramatically lower price. This is expected to offer benefits by reducing the cost of testing, enhancing performance, and shifting the blame away from O&M staff for under-performing projects.

Note: You will have to register at Windpower Engineering to view this webinar. View the webinar

Por que sua Usina Eólica está com baixo Desempenho? Causas, Consequências e possíveis Soluções

Sandra Florentino
Project Manager
AWS Truepower Brasil

O seminário abordará os temas de análise de desempenho e medição de curva de potência, incluido status geral dos projetos em operação no Brasil e impacto financeiro que um baixo desempenho pode acarretar. Serão apresentados resultados de análises e possíveis melhorias no desempenho e ganhos na receita. View Video

Is Solar Overproduction Costing You?

This webinar reviews the impacts of solar resource data on financing and revenues for PV plants.
(Original broadcast date: November 18, 2014)

Investors and debt participants require accurate resource and energy production assessments in order to establish project revenues with a level confidence and to size debt appropriately. There are times when plant performance exceeds the pre-construction energy estimate. What are the financial implications? In this webinar we discuss how reliance on poor quality resource data and energy simulations impact your bottom line including:

• How over- or underproduction impacts financing with a review of Investment Tax Credits, Power Purchase Agreements, and debt sizing.
• Investigation of why solar plants are over- or underproducing.
• Why resource data selection and typical meteorological year (TMY) development is critical to maximize return on investment for solar power plants. View Video

Maximize Plant Performance: Data Mining to Implement a Better O&M Strategy

(Original Broadcast Date: July 10, 2014)
Wind plants generate massive amounts of data which, if utilized properly, can provide significant insight for operational improvements resulting in more proactive plant management and better return on investment. Trying to understand all of the data a wind farm can generate can be time consuming for plant management.

In this webinar AWS Truepower President, Dr. Bruce Bailey, and Chief Engineer, Daniel Bernadett, discuss how performance issues can be addressed through diagnostic data mining. They share a case study demonstrating how the implementation of diagnostic techniques led to increased overall performance at a wind facility by modifying the operations and maintenance strategy. View Video

Complex Wind - Tehachapi Pass

Managing Wind Resource Risk at Complex Sites: An Integrated Approach

(Original Broadcast Date: February 20, 2014)
How meteorological expertise, state-of-the-art atmospheric models and advanced measurement methods can increase project value and reduce financial risk.​

All wind project investments depend greatly on the uncertainty or risk in a project's wind resource estimates. This is especially true of large wind projects at complex sites with steep terrain, varying thermal stability, mesoscale circulations and other challenging meteorological aspects. Such conditions are often misrepresented or missed in conventional models and measurement techniques.

In this webinar by AWS Truepower, wind resource experts Dr. Michael Brower, Dr. Philippe Beaucage, and Matthew Filippelli will discuss case studies of actual wind projects in complex terrain and wind regimes, showing how an integrated approach combining meteorological expertise, advanced wind flow models, and remote sensing (sodar and lidar) can increase a project's value and reduce risk. View Video

Understanding the Financial Impact of Uncertainty in Wind Projects

How risk translates to dollars in wind projects.
(Original Broadcast Date: November 7, 2013)

One of the biggest risks in wind development is the uncertainty of the wind resource. In this webinar by AWS Truepower, we will demystify how this resource uncertainty impacts energy production estimation, investment and financing. Presented by AWS Truepower CEO Bruce Bailey, and Director of Investor Services, Josh Kunkel, the following topics will be discussed:

• The steps Involved in predicting wind plant output
• Sources of losses and uncertainty
• Probabilities of energy exceedence and how to interpret them
• The impact of energy uncertainty on capital structure and debt capacity
• Implications of energy values on future cash flows View Video

Offshore Wind Load Coincidence Value in the Eastern US

Originally Broadcast September 19, 2013

This presentation by Bruce Bailey, CEO of AWS Truepower, discusses the load coincidence attributes of offshore wind development along the eastern seaboard of the United States. These attributes provide significant economic value to summer peaking load regions, which dominate electricity markets in the eastern US. The talk explains the meteorological factors that provide this value and illustrate how the capacity value of offshore wind is 3 to 4 times that of land-based wind.

View Video

The Portfolio Effect for Renewable Energy Projects: How the Effects of Uncertainty are Reduced When Projects are Assessed as a Portfolio

In this seminar we discuss the portfolio benefit as it applies to renewable energy projects, introduce our portfolio analysis methodology and the assumptions used.

When summing the P75-P99 net production values for a portfolio of wind projects directly, it is assumed that the uncertainties are perfectly correlated, which is not usually the case. In this seminar we will discuss the portfolio benefit as it applies to renewable energy projects, introduce our portfolio analysis methodology and the assumptions used, discuss key sensitivity factors, and give real-world examples of ranges of portfolio benefit for different combinations of operational and pre-construction wind and solar projects. View Video

Unlock the Power of Wind Farm Design and Optimization with Openwind®

View this previously recorded webinar to learn more about functionality, current offerings and how this innovative software can empower you to do your job better.

Openwind®, AWS Truepower’s wind farm design and optimization software, will help you tackle your most complex wind power projects. Built with GIS-style functionality and logic, Openwind empowers you to easily define and modify project setbacks so that layout optimization can be completed and modified more efficiently. By bringing transparency to how the software interprets wake models and how they are validated, you can better understand what goes into the model to better understand the results that come out. View Video

Operational Analysis of Wind & Solar Projects: Reduce Uncertainty with Operational Data

In August 2012, the U.S. surpassed 50,000 MW of installed wind power generation capacity with 8,430 MW under construction, according to AWEA. The U.S. also now has over 5,700 MW of installed solar electric capacity, with 477 MW of new utility scale projects installed in Q2 of 2012 alone, according to SEIA. Once operational, these assets have lower uncertainty compared to the pre-construction energy estimates used in the original financing. This can be valuable for mergers, acquisitions or refinancing of these plants, since the asset is lower risk and can be leveraged accordingly with higher confidence in the P50 and P90 values.

In this webinar, we will share exclusive insights into our methodology and describe the factors that affect the final energy production estimate. In particular, we will highlight comparative analysis showing the relationships between uncertainties in pre-construction methods vs. operational assessment methods. View Video

Wind and Solar Project Due Diligence: An In-depth Look at Risks That Can Make or Break a Project

Due diligence services support developers and investors during project financing, mergers and acquisitions, finance restructuring, and other transactions occurring in the renewable energy industry. These services provide lenders with a structured approach to assess project risk by ensuring the project is well planned, well executed, and capable of generating reasonable and timely returns.

In this webinar, AWS Truepower discusses the dangers of not doing a thorough due diligence, the typical scope of work for a bankable due diligence report, and some typical fatal flaws that can make or break a project’s chance of being financed. View Video

Wind Data Management: Learn How You Can Securely Manage All Your Meteorological Tower Data

Wind Data Management Dashboard is AWS Truepower’s web-based platform that allows you to monitor and access all your meteorological tower data in a secure online environment any time of day.

Whether you are managing a single tower or a fleet of projects, learn how the convenient dashboard interface allows you to view and retrieve information about your met tower program including tower (mast) statistics, monthly reports, raw tower data, instrumentation activity and faults, and screened and compiled data. View Video

New Research on Wake Models Improves Predictions

Dr. Michael Brower, Chief Technical Officer and Dr. Philippe Beaucage, Senior Research Scientist present new research on wake models. This discussion includes an update on new research findings on wake effects in large arrays to improve predictions and how the performance of these various approaches to wake modeling were compared using observations for two offshore wind projects. View Video

Reducing Uncertainty in Solar Energy Estimates

Uncertainty Matters… Solar project risks can be uncovered at various points in project development. A number of factors impact energy potential and its uncertainty — the quality of a site’s solar resource assessment is one of the most significant, with the potential to derail a project.

Based on research conducted by AWS Truepower, this webinar will demonstrate the value of on-site meteorological measurements in determining your solar project’s long-term energy projections. Our case study examines 11 sites, comparing results using on-site data versus satellite modeled data alone allowing us to quantify the impact on uncertainty (P50 – P99 values) for energy estimates and the financial implications for large and utility-scale solar projects. View Video