Asset Management

Growing investments in renewable power plants, aging fleets, and the desire to ensure safety while maximizing asset value all drive companies to UL’s asset management services. We help you evaluate and optimize your projects’ operations and maintenance, contracts, health and safety and remaining useful life. Our goal is to help you maximize energy production, reduce downtime and O&M costs, ensure project safety, and support key decisions around asset life and repowering. 

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Operational Energy Assessments

  • Operational Energy Production Reports
  • Repower Energy Production Report
  • Lost Energy Production Report
  • Portfolio Operational Energy Assessment
  • Portfolio Benefit Analysis
  • Annual Portfolio Benchmarking

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Plant Diagnostic Services

  • Monthly Performance Reports
  • Plant Diagnostic & Optimization Report
  • Custom Wind Anomaly Index

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Turbine Diagnostic Services

  • Power Generation & Variance Report
  • Event Log Analysis Report
  • Performance Diagnostic & Optimization Report
  • Methods Consulting
  • Lidar-Based Services
  • Lidar-Based Yaw Misalignment Detection (YMD)
  • Lidar-Based Operational Power Curve
  • Lidar-Based Nacelle Transfer Function

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  • Accreditation (IAS, ISO17020)
  • Factory / Harbor / Transport
  • Wind Farm (at any point in lifecycle)
  • Manufacturing / Commissioning
  • End of Warranty
  • End of Life
  • Root Cause Analysis

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Lifetime Extension Services

  • RUL (Remaining Useful Life)
  • OPEX and CAPEX Forecast Beyond Design Life
  • Analysis Permits & Administrative Frame
  • Operational Strategies to Extend Life
  • Loads Simulations
  • Components Evaluation

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As solar projects move into the operational phase, it is critical to evaluate and enhance their operational performance. Operational performance assessment leads to reduced uncertainty in future energy and revenue projections and can also reveal areas where project performance may be improved through strategic and attentive O&M activities. These services may be applied to an individual project or across a portfolio to support the valuation of operational assets and identify areas where performance may be improved.

  • Operational Energy Assessments
  • SCADA Data Review and Reporting
  • Plant Performance Analysis and Optimization
  • Monthly Resource and Energy Production Reporting
  • O&M Review and Optimization
  • Grid Curtailment Analysis
  • Verification of Loss Factors 
  • Portfolio Benefit Analysis