Energy Services

Energy Services

As you develop your project, you want your team to take advantage of the best available data, software, and expertise. Cutting corners at any stage in the development process can lead to a disappointing outcome. At AWS Truepower, we offer the full range of high-quality, science-based products and services your success requires:

  • Site screening and feasibility
  • Resource assessment
  • Plant design and energy estimation
  • Technology Selection and Suitability
  • Infrastructure and balance of plant
  • Permitting support and environmental assessment

Part of Your Team

ProjectEngineeringWe can work with your team in the way that makes most sense for you – either in a consulting mode or by providing resource data, online services, and advanced software enabling your team to do the work itself. By providing support in these different ways, we can maximize your team’s effectiveness while minimizing your overall development cost and schedule.

Site Screening and Feasibility

If you are looking for a greenfield site, we have the field experience and development know-how, as well as advanced software and detailed resource data, to identify the best sites meeting your needs. Learn more

Resource Assessment

Accurate resource assessment demands experience and exacting standards of measurement, atmospheric modeling, and analysis. AWS Truepower, an acknowledged leader in this field, can give you the confidence you need to bring your projects to successful completion. Learn more

Plant Design and Energy Assessment

With nearly 100,000 MW of wind and solar projects under our belt, we have the experience and tools to design the optimal project for your site, estimate its long-term energy production, and provide a comprehensive, authoritative report that will be accepted by banks and investors. Learn more

Technology Selection and Suitability

Choosing the right technology for your site is essential. Our engineers will help you evaluate the different options and advise on the best technology choice. Learn more

Infrastructure and Balance of Plant

The balance of plant, including roads and electrical infrastructure, will be a significant part of your investment. AWS Truepower can develop the initial designs and estimate cost. More in-depth analyses such as load flow and thermal capacity can also be performed. Learn more

Permitting Support and Environmental Assessment

How you navigate the permitting process and engage with local communities and regulatory agencies can have a huge impact on the success of your project. We will support your team in developing photo simulations, performing noise assessments, participating in hearings and engaging the public, and carrying out environmental impact assessments. Learn more