Atmospheric Modeling and Applied Research

Our demonstrated ability to accurately model the atmosphere and its impact on the local, regional, or global energy industry sets us apart from the competition. We perform big data analytics using high-performance computing which allows us to quantify the uncertainty of scheduling real-time renewable energy and utility electric loads. We can predict this uncertainty minutes, hours, days, seasons, and even years in advance.

If a client needs to estimate the potential generation from a planned solar or wind plant, our team can accurately simulate the plant’s generation and variability on multiple time scales, spanning monthly generation to second-by-second generation. This expertise also extends to tasks like planning optimal power scheduling approaches, creating power forecasts to calculate a renewable plant’s forecastability, determining expected coincident generation from other centralized or distributed resources, and even predicting the impact of new efficiency technologies (e.g. storage, smart appliances, electric vehicles, etc.) on power system load profiles.


  • Modeling Plant Availability
  • Occurance & Energy Impact of Icing Events
  • Synthetic Power & Resource Profiles
  • Historical Plant or Geographic Region Forecasts
  • Storage Planning, Capacity & Discharge
  • Impact of Climate Change on Renewables
  • Advanced Forecasting Research
  • Uses of Stochastic Data in Grid Operations