Performance Engineering

While renewable energy brings with it inherent variability in plant production, good economic performance of a project is not a matter of chance. We are committed to developing innovative evaluation methods to help understand plant performance, manage expectations of operational plants and identify opportunities for performance improvement.

Plant Performance Optimization

Wind and solar plants generate massive amounts of data, which if utilized properly, can provide significant insight for operational improvements. We have developed a series of products and services to help identify areas of improvement, reduce downtime and maximize your plant’s energy production. Once a plant’s performance relative to pre-construction energy estimates is understood and operational loss factors are identified, a subsequent performance optimization study is conducted to identify recoverable energy losses and recommend approaches for recovery. The use of operational data is critical to evaluate and benchmark current operational performance for given wind conditions and farm dynamics to understand what is “normal” versus treatable, or recoverable. Plant operators benefit from advanced metric reporting, performance monitoring, and performance optimization.

Performance Analysis

A variety of factors exist that may result in wind or solar plant underperformance; however, thoroughly understanding operational loss factors can identify areas of recoverable energy production for future operations. Using operational data, we can perform a detailed investigation of your project to benchmark and evaluate operational performance and maximize energy production moving forward. After completing an Operational Energy Production Estimate, for a complete plant audit the next logical step is to evaluate any variance in the pre-construction energy production estimates with the operational energy production. With an energy variance assessment, we help identify performance gaps, and provides recommendations for improvement, such as short-term forecasting to better schedule plant maintenance activities.

Operational Energy Assessments

As an industry leader in operational assessments, we have developed and refined high quality methodologies for providing long term energy forecasts for operational wind and solar plants. By using operational data, we can estimate future energy production more accurately than by using standard pre-construction methods alone. For investors, we provide bankable energy production reports based on operational data. These assessments provide a clear indication of normal operation and long-term energy projections with lower uncertainty than pre-construction assessments.