Advanced Plant Design and Energy Assessment

Accurate, bankable energy assessment reports start with a complete analysis of the solar resource at a project site.

AWS Truepower’s comprehensive scope of services include:

  • Site visit – an experienced field engineer will visit your project site to verify and document the monitoring location(s), sensor types and mountings, topography, obstacles, and land cover.
  • Review of the meteorological program – we will review the status, history, and overall quality of the project’s solar monitoring program, and identify and communicate to your team any opportunities for improvement.
  • Resource analysis – we will quality-control the raw resource data from your solar monitoring system (SMS) to identify and remove or replace bad data. We will provide resource summaries, including monthly and annual mean speeds, wind roses, speed frequency distribution parameters, diurnal speed and shear patterns, and turbulence and extreme winds.
  • Climate adjustment – The most representative historical database (s) will be further examined for the need to 1) adjust the data set to represent solar and meteorological conditions at the specific site location of interest and 2) correct for any potential biases identified in the available data sets.
  • Modeling of the spatial distribution across the project site.
  • Detailed Loss Assessment – Plant losses are estimated based on our experience with other projects and through analysis of regional or site-specific information. Several loss factors are used as inputs to the performance model and applied uniformly to all operating conditions which are estimated based on plant characteristics, local environment, and industry typical values.
  • Estimate Uncertainty – Uncertainty estimates will be developed for the insolation data derived previously and the energy production estimates, taking into account inter-annual variability in the resource, uncertainty of the measured or modeled resource data, representativeness of the long-term climate, spatial variability, simulation and plant losses, and other factors as appropriate to the project analysis.
  • Plant design and energy production – The energy production analysis will result in a first year gross and net energy estimate, capacity factor, and performance ratio, along with data of monthly and diurnal energy characteristics.

In addition to these services, we will work with your team on many other aspects of the plant design and development process, including advising on constructability, road and cabling paths, view shed, and other issues that may affect construction cost, permitting, and community acceptance.